Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Archive Webinar - Profiting from Feedback: Achieving Real Business Results with Enterprise Feedback Management

Here's your chance to view MarketTools webinar if you didn't get a chance to view it live, or if you just need a refresher. The hour long web seminar was presented by the following speakers:

Alan Kneale, Vice President, Technical Support Operations, CareFusion
Robert Freeden, Director, Product Support/Repair, CareFusion
Justin Schuster, Vice President, EFM Solutions, MarketTools

View the archive webinar

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Customer service that knows your call

According to IT Business Edge, IBM has taken customer service via phone to another level. Instead of having customers routed to a different customer service representative and explaining their situation each time, they've developed a system where callers are automatically routed to the CSR who can best take their call.

This software can do this by:
....analyzes what a company knows about its customer, the performance history of the customer service representatives, and the previous interactions the customer has had with customer service representatives to determine where to route a call.

How will this change customer service in the future? Will customer service calls be more effectively answered?

Monday, March 15, 2010

“Customer Service is the New Marketing!”

Fast Company recently interviewed Aaron Magness of Zappos, Inc. In the interview, Fast Company's Brandon Gutman asked Magness about his position and about how marketing and customer service have changed business. Here are a few highlights that we thought were particularly interesting.

Fast Company- What is marketing really about?

There are five principles that I try to focus on in everything that has to do with marketing:

· Customer service is the new marketing. The days of dictating your brand to the public are long gone. There is so much access to information; the customer is actually dictating your brand to you.

· Communicate with your customers, don’t market at them. Customers get bombarded with marketing messages every day (practically every second). Find ways to interact with them. Discussions drive loyalty, not one way messaging.

Fast Company- How do you breed better customer service?

I’m really inspired by positivity. This can take many forms and isn’t the same for everyone, but it really stands out for me. I think it’s contagious and people build off it. It helps in personal areas the same as business. You can’t provide great customer service with a negative attitude or culture. My goal is to be as positive as I can, and hope that has an impact on those around me. I choose to surround myself with positive people and you tend to find that the majority of “success stories” generally have a great attitude about life. It all comes down to the Golden Rule. It’s not difficult to understand and we all have it in us.

We encourage you to read the interview it its entirety.

Zappos’ Marketing Chief: “Customer Service is the New Marketing!”

Friday, March 5, 2010

Engaging Shoppers with Every Step, Real Time

Stop & Shop/Giant has set out to improve its customer loyalty by creating a uniquely personal and relevant shopping experience. In this session, you will learn how a customer-facing technology was leveraged to create operational enhancements and reach customers at their point of purchase. This case study showcases how real-time in-store behavior and past purchase history can be translated to deliver highly targeted promotional messaging and exclusive savings to customers while they shop. You'll learn how participating brands are experiencing saldes life and how the retailer is benefiting by giving their customer a rewarding shopping experience.

Stephen Vowles, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Stop & Shop will discuss:
  • How new audience targeting tactics are revolutionizing the way retailers and brands can reach specific customers
  • How Stop & Shop is driving larger baskets and increased frequency with targetd media and self-service technology
  • Pitfalls to avoid when selecting & implementing customer-facing technology solutions
  • How brands can effectively and measurably leverage digital in-store marketing
"Engaging Shoppers with Every Step, Real Time" Monday, July 12 at 9am

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The world’s largest conference company announces the launch of the Performance Marketing Expo to be held this September in Miami

IIR (The Institute for International Research), the company responsible for industry leading brands such as FUSE, Front end of Innovation, The Market Research Event, GAIM, and PREPAID Card Expo, is launching a brand-new affiliate marketing/performance marketing event.

The Performance Marketing Expo, will take place September 27th-29th in South Beach at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Consistent with other IIR conferences, The Performance Marketing Expo features best-in-class educational sessions, industry insider top level speakers, super-affiliates with proven earning power, the premier online merchants and retailers, affiliate networks, and hundreds of affiliates eager to network and grow their business (and their earning potential).

What makes this event stand out from all the rest? It will include facilitated business networking and quality content brought to life by the best storytellers, representing merchants, affiliates and networks.

Stephanie Nelson, Coupon Mom
Todd Martini, Alex's Coupons
eCoupons * MarketAmerica * TrialPay * Parent Media
The program is currently being finalized. For More Information about getting involved, please email or visit our contact page if you have specific questions.

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