Thursday, May 13, 2010

New York City Government Customer Serivce Line Reaches Milestone

Earlier this week, the 311 Customer Service call line for the New York City government, received its 100 millionth call.

Mayor Bloomberg set up the line in 2003 looking to: provide easier access to non-emergency services in a cost-effective manner. The 311 service consolidated more than 40 separate call centers and hotlines, encompassing 11 pages of government listings in the City phone book, into one easy-to-remember number.

To further accommodate the New York City citizens, there was also a 311 Online in January of this year to futher aid members of the community.

Source: Market Watch

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sprint sees increase in customer satisfaction

Trefis recently looked at the three reasons that Sprint is seeing an uptick in customer satisfaction that is showing in their stock prices. Over the past few years, Sprint has treaded a rocky road when it comes to customer satisfaction. They have found a way to turn this around. One reason they've increased customer satisfaction is because they've identified and supplied the need for prepaid phone cards. Supplying prepaid cards also allows for Sprint to avoid monthly subscriber losses due to unpaid bills. They've also increased the visibility of their brand and introduced new SmartPhones that are appealing to their audience. Read about their other improvements here.