Thursday, June 17, 2010

Health plans increase customer service reports that more insurance carriers are ramping up their services as they prepare to compete for millions of new customers starting in 2014, due to the new health-reform law. That's the year health insurers will be banned from refusing coverage to people with preexisting conditions or charging them exorbitant rates, and the first time individuals will have to carry health insurance or face a financial penalty. Such changes are driving some health insurers to try to meet people where they are -- both physically with retail stores and enhanced phone-based customer service and virtually, by tracking negative comments online and intervening to help improve people's experiences with their health plans.

The report also discusses how insurance carriers are using store-fronts and always-open phone lines to encourage customers connect if they have issues with their plan.

What tactics can health insurance agencies take to ensure that their customers are clear about their plan?

Facing new pressure, health plans beef up customer service

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