Monday, June 4, 2012

Customer Experience Support for the Customer Experience People

We've finally arrived at the week of the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit! I'm looking forward to hearing from an excellent line up of customer experience leaders and hope you are looking forward an amazing and insightful week.

If you you're still undecided, there's still time! The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit starts on Wednesday, June 6 in Boston, MA. I want to get our week started by talking about why customer experience matters.

An exceptional customer experience take strategy, planning, commitment and hard work. It's not enough to put warm bodies where customers will be and think that great customer experiences will happen, just because you have real, live humans.

The true customer-centric, customer-thinking, and customer-loving organizations understand the needs of customers, and take action for customers at every level to develop the customer experience.
If you’re going to improve customer have to find ways to meet customers’ individual needs and manage the emotional states that impact decision-making. That will require strong relationships, excellent performance, and engaged employees. Your framework must reflect these components.

Curt Carlson, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Management – TNS North America

Who can you rely on to verify your framework? When the customer service leaders have questions, who can they turn to?

It's often difficult to effectively plan and execute all of the components of exceptional a customer-focused program. Luckily, we have tools, resources, experts, and a supportive community ready to help. They're there because they're also working or have worked out in the past, the same components we're working to implement today.

A Summit for Customer Experience Leaders

One Collective Voice, One Collaborative Congress, One Holistic Customer Experience Training.

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit is the conference where YOU get the chance to learn and collaborate with industry leaders from across the business spectrum. The conference brings together the top minds to share genuine insights and best practices which speaks to the TOTAL customer experience process.

This unique conference focuses on:

Designing the Customer Experience

See how VOC data and design principles can be used to engineer experiences across your organization.

Measuring the Customer Experience

Drive change and optimize your sales force by measuring customer feedback through the entire framework for customer service.

Strategizing for Customer Experience

Interpret, analyze and evaluate your customer strategy to ensure business relevance.

Aligning to the Customer Experience

Integrate and leverage your customer touch points – measurement, ROI, linkage, VOC, technology, design principles, operational metrics, and senior leadership – to structure a successful and meaningful program.

If you're ready to participate in a conference where you'll be connecting and discussing the most innovative techniques to gain consensus and buy-in, this conference will help you focus on the key areas of change and create a unique customer experience with customer focused interaction that will make a difference and establish your customer experience.

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit is a great opportunity to take advantage of 3-full days of innovative keynotes, and advanced case-studies that explore Customer Experience Design, Measurement & Feedback, Strategy, and Alignment.

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