Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Power of Personality at Work

With the 2014 Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit just weeks away, I was lucky enough to catch up with John Mayer, renowned Professor of Psychology, the University of New Hampshire and Author of Personal Intelligence.

We express our personalities in almost everything that we do – in both our personal and professional lives. So, every single day we exhibit some patterns of behavior that are consistent and sometimes respond to particular context. According to Mayer, personal intelligence is the intelligence we use to understand these personalities – whether they in other people or in ourselves.

Virtually any organization today is made up of people, so you can think of the organization as an organizational chart, including Presidents, CEOs, managers, etc.  “Personal intelligence deals with information at a different level than that,” explained Mayer. “Instead, on top of that organizational chart are real people.”
These people do their jobs, but they also do their jobs in different ways. And, we use personal intelligence to navigate within the organization, among the people who we work with.

“Although they may occupy a position in the organizational chart, they are sending us signals about themselves, which are utterly different than what that organizational chart says,” he added.

Outside the organization are our customers – the ones we are trying to reach. According to Mayer, if we lose track of the information about who they are, then we can end up having a screwed up customer relationship.

Listen to the full podcast interview here: http://bit.ly/1idTVt5
John will be speaking in just a few weeks at the 2014 Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit, taking place April 9-11th, in a session entitled, “Personal Intelligence: The Power of Personality at Work.”

This year’s conference will explore the new realities of building brands and relationships in today's socially driven and data abundant world. The event shines an important lens on the power of insights and the critical need for marketers to focus on factoring emotion into the bigger equation to get a return on customer relationships. Download the brochure for the full agenda: http://bit.ly/1i70M71 

Want to hear more from Mayer on customer experience in person? Join him at Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit 2014 in Miami in April. Mention code TCEL14LI & Save 15% off the standard rate. Register today: http://bit.ly/1cyq9iH

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