Monday, September 22, 2008

Customer Service Isn’t Dead in Blogging

Even though customer services seems to be lagging behind in terms of technical support, this post on leads us to believe that unlike traditional business bloggers offer exceptional customer service. The reason behind this is because the world of blogging is 100% customer-based, without readers a blog can not succeed and so they must treat their readers with superior customer service. lists 5 ways to improve the reader’s experience in a blog. Here they are:

  • Return the Favor – When someone comments on your blog the least you can do is respond the most you can do is follow them back to their site and comment on one of their posts. They are supporting you; if you want to be a respected blogger do the same for them.
  • Install Comment Luv – A plugin that links back to the commentators’ site showing their most frequent blog post. This will give your readers a little extra link loving for spending time on your site.
  • Install Top Commentators – A sidebar widget that shows who has participated on your site the most. It will take up very little room on your site and it acknowledges that you care about your participants. You can download top commentators here
  • Answer Their Questions – If a reader asks you a question do not ignore it. Even if you don’t want to answer it reply saying thank you but you would prefer not to answer that question.
  • Credit Their Ideas - If you were inspired by a post one of your readers made, or by a comment that they left, or a question that they asked make sure you give them a shout out. If they are reading your site it means they like to know what you think, and I am sure they will be stoked to know that you also like what they have to say.

If customer service is lagging behind in your business, take some tips from customer service in the blogging realm.

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