Thursday, January 14, 2010

GM focuses on customer service

According to the Oakland Press, GM is now focusing on building quality customer service into their operations. Mark Reuss, president of GM North America, is focusing on creating a new type of company for GM, and taking a step by listening to exactly what customers have to say about their service. They're trying to create an environment where all employees can help the customers directly.

Reuss stated:
“This is the kind of service I’m talking about — person by person, customer by customer. This is the kind of customer focus we’re building throughout GM these days and the kind of service I expect all our employees to embrace whenever and wherever they can.”

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Unknown said...

What plans does GM have for vehicles such as the Chevy Impala? That vehicle came out in 2006, but in the old GM way, it has has been forgotten. It has not been updated since then. Why does GM do that, time and time again? GM brings out a model and then forgets to update it at all - no new facia, no nothing. Has GM learned how important product is? I doubt it!