Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Become a Company Customers Love and Can’t Live Without: The Five Decisions of Beloved and Prosperous Companies

How do you get customers to advocate for your brand? Teach them to love your company.

Jeanne Bliss of CustomerBliss spoke this morning about creating a prosperous company by rallying customers behind it. Customers look to one another to make buying decisions 78 percent of the time. These customers who believe in your company are assets; relationships you need to honor. These customers will become an army for your company, so leverage that by becoming a beloved company with Jeanne’s five steps:

1. 1. Believe

2. 2. Clarity

3. 3. Real

4. 4. Be There

5. 5. Say Sorry

To get customers to believe in your company, you must understand that they are assets. Make sure to hire people who live your core values. Stop letting rules and policies drive a wedge between you and your customers.

Enhance clarity by being reliable. How clear are you on the memories you want to deliver? What story are you trying to share? Have clarity on what you will and will not be.

Be real with your customers and walk in their shoes. Train your new hires to also be a customer of your company, and make sure everyone throughout the company knows what the lives of your customers are like.

Be there for your customers at every touch point. Be deliberate on experience and create differentiating moments. Earn the right for customers to return.

With these steps you can become a beloved company and make sure customers are telling your story.

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