Friday, January 27, 2012

Customer News of the Week: CRM, CCOs & CMOs, Oh My

As we move into 2012 and start looking forward to the next Total Customer Experience Leaders (TCEL) Summit, we'd like to occasionally share with you some of our favorite resources from around the web on customer experience, customer experience design, and customer-centricity.

Worth downloading if you're struggling to maintain customer loyalty in a “doing more with less” environment: this week on 1to1media, Oracle shared a white paper with subscribers "Lower Costs and Boost Customer Loyalty by Injecting Knowledge into CRM."

Forrester reported that Chief Customer Office roles continue to grow and found that these executives "tend to be senior leaders hired internally and are as likely to come from the operations side of the company as from marketing." It's hardly surprising that this trend continues as "CMOs' No. 1 goal is to increase loyalty among existing customers," according to this piece in Ad Age.

In the world of Customer Experience Management, this sponsored post on CMSWire discussed the ways that loyalty can be driven by a consistent experience across channels. Your brand should be as consistently represented by the smell of the store as by the website.

What were your favorite customer experience links this week? What resources do you turn to?

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