Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Facebook & Nationwide Share How to Unlock Critical Insight for Your Business from Social Media

As another year comes to an end, many of us are looking back through the year reflecting on our business, our customers and the future. It's no secret that customer engagement is evolving, the question is how we, as customer-centric professionals, are addressing these changes and updating our strategies.

Today, phone communication accounts for about 6,000 connections per day, online live chat a little over 400 and social media, an astounding 1,100,000 connections per day.*

Are you listening and observing your customers through the social medium?

Your opportunity to tie in VOC data across touch points is exponential. Today's total customer experience strategy moves from "asking" to listening and observing customer actions and behaviors to achieve the holy grail of a 360 degree customer understanding.

Featuring Leaders in Social Media:

Valuing Customer Input and Feedback
Jasmine Green, Vice President, Chief Customer Advocate, Nationwide

Often referred to as "Listener in Chief", Nationwide's Jasmine Green will discuss her role in facilitating customer dialogue through the power of listening. She will talk about what it means to be a 'Listener in Chief' and the value that active listening adds to cultivating positive customer relationships. Explore how VOC data and design principles can be used to engineer experiences across your organization. She will also describe the opportunity that social media lends to actively listen to customers and proactively engage them through these mediums. Finally, she will discuss the benefits of recognizing and admitting mistakes that result in the potential to fracture otherwise positive relationships and the art of apologizing for error through action and results.

The New Collision of Measurement and Customer Insights
Sean Bruich, Head of Measurement Platforms & Standards, Facebook

As the leading place that consumers connect with friends, engage with brands, and share their experiences, Facebook represents nearly a quarter of all time spent online and bridges the digital divide between web, mobile and offline experiences. Through creating an understanding of these linkages between online and offline experiences, new technology platforms are enabling unprecedented opportunities to instrument, measure and analyze consumer behaviors, and thus create huge leaps in consumer experiences from creating powerful marketing programs to optimizing consumer products or experiences. Here, we describe some of the ways that these platforms have unlocked crucial insights into consumers, and how those insights were translated into action.

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* From Social Media and the Customer Experience

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