Friday, January 3, 2014

Build Empathy with Your Customers at Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit

An essential aspect of a sound customer plan is customer discovery which begins with developing a deep understanding of a customer's needs and motivations. Gaining empathy - recognizing and connecting with your customers' emotions is your key to success. At Total Customer Experience Leaders we shine an important lens on the power of insights and the critical need for marketers to focus on factoring empathy into the bigger equation to get a return on customer relationships.

April 9-11, 2014
Trump International Beach Resort
Miami, Florida

Discover the emotional drivers that are critical in creating an effective customer story from Total Customer's renowned speakers: 

Bringing Empathy into Your Organization
Crystal Collier, CEO, TARP Worldwide & Dan Hill, President, Sensory Logic and Author, Emotionomics and On-Emotion Engagement
Explore emerging trends that are taking companies to new levels of customer understanding. Hear stories of innovative analytical approaches to understanding the key drivers of satisfaction and loyalty among customers and employees. Learn how to apply this knowledge to customer-facing programs that leverage empathy to improve the customer experience. Changes in employee behavior are tailored to strengthen the emotional connection and deliver consistent and rewarding interactions that drive bottom-line results.

Using Emotional Energy To Make Your Customer Experience Programs Easier, Faster and Smarter
Daryl Travis, CEO, Brandtrust
Some moments in the customer's experience simply matter more than others. Success or failure hinges on the emotional energy of customers and employees in those moments. Identifying and designing for your customers' and employees' emotional needs will simplify and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer experience programs. Learn how to discover and leverage emotional energy to streamline your customer experience program and drive better business results.

Empathetic Marketing for Total Customer Experience
Mark Ingwer, Ph.D., Founder, Insights Consulting Group and Author, Empathetic Marketing
Traditional approaches to understanding customers' experiences and motivations are ineffective in today's world. Business needs to develop a more comprehensive and intimate approach to engaging and sustaining customers. To do so, they must understand the core emotional needs underlying customers' attitudes and behaviors. Dr. Mark Ingwer will draw from the ideas in Empathetic Marketing and outline a clear path for translating emotional knowledge into progressive, innovative marketing strategies for your customers.

Incorporating the Rational and the Emotional into the Customer Experience Journey
Jill O'Neill, Director, Client Strategy and Execution, Bank of Montreal
This case study will discuss the change management transformation on which BMO Harris Private Banking has embarked to create a culture and organizational structure that not only meets client needs but exceeds their expectations. Ultimately the case study will provide an overview to help leaders and customer experience practitioners identify key opportunities to build loyalty by improving the client experience and to also build confidence and support within the organization for future investment in client experience efforts.

....and, many more customer experience sessions!

Download the brochure for the full agenda:

Join us at Total Customer and learn the techniques to mastering the art of customer discovery, allowing you to be well equipped to give your customers exactly what they need. This is your call to action to strengthen and advance your organization with a sound customer plan. 

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Hope to see you in Miami in April!


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