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Mastering the Digital & Social Marketplace

To call this an event is an understatement. The annual The Total Customer Experience Leaders 2014 is a meeting of the minds for those folks dedicated to advancing business relevancy through customer strategy. This salon style event facilitates the exchange of higher level dialogues and access to the greatest strategists of our time. It's where provocation is grounded in actionability and presented through articulate facilitation. The 2014 event has a specialized focus on today's digital & social marketplace. 

April 9-11, 2014
Trump International Beach Resort
Miami, Florida

Our distinguished speakers include:

How Current Trends are Shaping the 10 Growth Areas of Tomorrow
KEYNOTE: Jared Weiner, Futurist and Vice President, Weiner, Edrich, Brown 
Several emerging consumer trends for 2014... and beyond...are revolutionizing the future of customer engagement. This session will focus on how major technological, social and economic trends are shaping the 10 growth areas of the emerging Metaspace Economy. Together, we will take a quick journey into the short - and long-term future to uncover the growth opportunities of tomorrow for businesses. Jared brings his experience as a futurist working with some of the world's largest companies to the table and observes how the economy is evolving to put more of a premium on customer experience than ever before.

Move Brands Faster and Longer in the Social Media Era
Nestor Portillo, Director, Social Communities and Customer Experience, Microsoft 
With new social media networks/platforms emerging almost every day, how can brands timely and efficiently engage customers while delivering a cohesive experience that drives customer loyalty? This presentation shares Microsoft's strategy of serving +22 million customers per month through different social platforms (Blog, Forums, Wiki, Social) in 13 languages, and why customer experience is the key to making the content viral and engaging. What's the trade-off between the social platform used, the level of trust and the cost when delivering a customer experience through your website and social channels? Customer experience involves customer service and support, how both can co-exists in today's organizational model and how companies need to get prepared for the new wave?

Thriving in a Digital Commerce World
To succeed as a dotcom retailer, it isn't enough to sell cheap and deliver on time. The entire end-to-end digital eco-system must constantly transform: From marketing, through the web experience, into fulfillment and post-sale services-consumer expectations are on the rise-and must be met in order to create the loyalty necessary to thrive.
How does technology both serve and lead transformation within marketing, merchandising and operations?
How have expectations in internet retail increased and what's around the corner?
How does post-sale innovation contribute to life-time value-cracking the code of loyalty isn't easy when your competitor is a click away

Mastering the Mindset of the Millennial Candidate
Kassandra Barnes, Research & Content Manager, CareerBuilder 
The millennial generation is the first to grow up in a digital world. That's why this new generation of candidates, who navigate the increasingly complex and fragmented digital environment with ease, is a challenge for many organizations. We'll examine insights gleaned from years of studying candidate behavior online and discuss how organizations can use this new media environment to their advantage and personalize their experience with this ever-changing talent pool.

....and, many more industry leaders!

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The take away? A viable actionable plan to securing your company's future success. Join other leaders charged with creating a sound strategic customer plan in Miami this April.

The TCEL Team
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