Thursday, February 13, 2014

Government Organizations Must Win Hearts of Public

Today, customer experience is one of the most popular phrases in the business world. Major companies across the globe have realized this trend and are now making customer experience the focal point of their entire business.

Lou Carbone, customer experience expert and founder & CEO of Experience Engineering, says that any organization looking to satisfy customers must make all the effort to enter the hearts and minds of its customers.

When it comes to government organizations, this is absolutely critical. Government organizations, according to Carbone, should strive to make an emotional connection with the public to win their hearts. At Government Summit in Dubai last week, he warned that organizations can become so intensely focused on meeting the needs of customer that they might miss other important aspects, like emotionally connection.
"Corporate managers of companies are emphatic that what counts is not the function they provide but the effect it has on people," he stated.

In fact, according to Carbone, 95 per cent of what humans process in their minds consists of unconscious thoughts. So, understanding the role of the unconscious mind, becoming clue conscious and developing systems to manage these clues for emotional experience are key to delighting customers. 

He advises that the first step is to move from a 'make and sell' attitude to a 'sense and respond' approach in order to achieve customer happiness.  Carbone said, “Organizations that fail to make this shift face the danger of doing all the wrong things.”

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