Monday, April 13, 2015

Focus on the Front Lines of the Customer Experience

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 "The customer's perception is your reality." - Kate Zabriskie, Organizational Consultant

In "IBM Study: CIOs Have a New Boss - The Customer," Tricia Morris, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Parature, from Microsoft cites that "top CIOs are moving from a focus on the back-office to the front-lines as customer engagement and customer experience become key to winning business strategies."
Where are you focused? Join Michael Lenz, Global Director of Brand Experience, Cisco, as he presents "Beyond Products, Managing Experience for Tomorrow's Business Now" during the Total CX Leaders Conference June 3-4 in Miami, Fla.

In this session, Michael will share:
  • His insights on how Cisco's brands are the experience frontline
  • His experience changing a $140 billion company from the inside, including the program that helped his team win the CXPA 2014 Innovation Award 

Total CX Leaders Conference will help you "learn how to listen to your customers, understand their differences and set the foundation to build a road map to create a seamless experience for modern customers."

Join Michael at Total CX Leaders Conference (TCXL) 2015 in Miami. Register today!

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