Thursday, June 19, 2008

Airline Service: Go the Extra Mile

In the airline industry, customer service is crucial to a person’s overall experience of the flight since customer satisfaction is on the decline. Whether someone is asking for peanuts or an extra pillow, flight attendants must be ready to deal with any sort of requests, and be able to deliver superior service with a smile. I came across this post on The Window Seat where Holly Burns writes about her recent positive experience she had on her flight with Air Berlin.

Holly’s connecting flight to Dusseldorf was delayed, and so there was no way that she would make it. Air Berlin delivered excellent service by rebooking every passenger who had a connecting flight, announced it loudly on the speaker, and lastly gave everyone on the delayed flight a voucher for 8 Euros so that they could by refreshments while they wait.

Treating people like human beings instead of warm bodies on a plane can really make a difference from an ok airline to a great airline. In this case, Air Berlin realized the problem and exceeded the customers’ expectations of the solution.

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