Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clue your customers in on the details

In a recent post at Customer Think, Kevin Stirtz gives a simple tip for building an amazing relationship with your customer: give them the details. In the end, you’ve confirmed you’ve gotten the right details, and they know you care about their needs. Here are three reasons why they’ll appreciate it:

  1. You let them know you listened, understood and everything is correct. The customer now knows you cared enough to show them that you got everything right.
  2. You help your customers plan. Now they know you have the correct details, and there is no uncertainty. There’s no wondering for the rest of the day whether or not you got the right numbers in the address.
  3. You’re helping them accomplish what they’ve come for. By giving them the details before, during and after the order, they’ll be happy to know what’s going on with their order.

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