Friday, June 13, 2008

Positive Customer Experiences

It’s important that your customers have a great experience at every touch point when they are doing business with you. Colleen Frances recently posted her tips for creating the best customer service at all the touch points throughout your customer experience.

1. Love what you sell, the company you work for and the customers you serve. If you show the customer you truly love what you do and what you’re selling, they’ll have a good experience buying the product from you.

2. Be empathetic and compassionate. Know and believe exactly what you’re telling them. Take an interest in the people asking the questions.

3. Add value and give first. Give them something before they buy from you. Show them that they can trust you, and you’re worth more to them than the profit. It may be a dentist or a new business contact, but they’ll see your purpose.

4. Make eye contact. It’s difficult to do, and many other sales people fall short. But if confidence is shown through making eye contact, you’ll truly set yourself apart from your competition.

5. Express your true intent. Don’t fake it, tell your customers your true intentions. Let them know that this might not be the right solution for them, but you’re going to try to show them how your product can fit your needs.

6. Don't go for the big decision all at once. Don’t try to land the big deal on the first try. Gradually move there through a series of conversations, agree on a second or third meeting.

7. Use friendly, warm words. Speak on a friendly level. Limit your syllables and use simple words.

8. Use people's names. Use their names, however, be aware of their comfort level with the name you’re calling them. Do you use their first name, or their title and last name? With the correct name, it’ll make a memorable experience for the customer.

9. Ask the right questions. The right questions can lead to positive relationships. They can also reveal the problem that needs to be solved and build trust between the company and the client.

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