Thursday, July 7, 2011

Disruptive Technology and Social Media CRM

Lately we've been looking at the different ways that new technologies can change or improve customer experiences. From customer-centric mobile apps to complaints on social media channels, it's clear that a company needs a digital strategy to survive.

It was with that in mind that I was pleased to read this recent interview in Fast Company on "Why Technology Is The Special Sauce In Growth Planning." In the interview, guest blogger Lisa Nirell interviewed Erik van Ommeren of VINT (Vision Inspiration Navigation and Trends) on the ways that "technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in B2B buyer-seller relationships and strategic marketing endeavors."

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the interview?
"Customers are seizing the opportunities to share their opinions and preferences, bringing more transparency in every market. For organizations, this means that they will have an even stronger motive to create honest and relevant interactions with their customers. Even if technology doesn't change your company directly, the technology will change your customers' behaviors. Through their changed demands, they will change your company."

Honest and relevant interactions are happening as the result of new technologies. Customers are ready to share their experiences and opinions on digital media, and it is now the job of brands to catch up. Social Media and the rise of Social CRM as a practice makes this abundantly clear. Where traditionally CRM was all about using data to better target various customers, Social CRM allows brands to collaborate with customers to discover and solve problems and build meaningful relationships. As Erik says in the interview "It's about people."

Read the whole post on Fast Company here.

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Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at

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