Friday, February 17, 2012

Customer News of The Week: Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

As we quickly gain on the next Total Customer Experience Leaders (TCEL) Summit in June, we'd like to occasionally share with you some of our favorite links of the week on customer experience, customer experience design, and overall customer-centricity.

This week there was one big "L" word on everyone's lips, and while love plays into it, that word was actually "Loyalty."

I got emails urging me to vote for my favorite loyalty hotel program in the annual Freddie Awards and Valentine's Day inspired a number of articles about winning customer love.

Additionally, our sister-blog, The Digital Impact Blog featured a post on winning customer loyalty via Mobile apps and Fast Company featured a guest blog by Brian Solis "Why User Experience Is Critical To Customer Relationships" that is definitely worth a read for anyone interested in customer experience design.

Solis writes:
"User experience (UX) is now becoming a critical point in customer engagement in order to compete for attention now and in the future. For without thoughtful UX, consumers meander without direction, reward, or utility. And their attention, and ultimately loyalty, follows."

What were your favorite customer loyalty links this week?

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