Friday, February 24, 2012

This Week In Customer Experience: Anticipate & Make It Great

As we quickly gain on the next Total Customer Experience Leaders (TCEL) Summit in June, we'd like to occasionally share with you some of our favorite links of the week on customer experience, customer experience design, and overall customer-centricity.

This week, Fast Company was a gold-mine of Customer Experience articles, providing this piece "User Experience The Don Draper Way," this blog on the false dichotomy between Culture and Strategy, "4 Elements That Make A Good User Experience Into Something Great" and this feature on Co.Design on "3 Ways To Predict What Consumers Want Before They Know It."

Our favorite take-away from the above? “Everyone has a customer, whether it is a purchaser, user, or co-worker”

Customer experiences happen for everyone throughout a company, and anyone can identify opportunities for "pinpointing problems customers can’t adequately solve."

Elsewhere, this blog post by Pretium Solutions was shared in our LinkedIn group about the power of "I'm Sorry" and the emotion attached to customer experiences. Also on LinkedIn, I asked "What are your current biggest customer experience challenges?" join the group and vote on the poll here. 

What were your favorite customer experience links this week?

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