Monday, April 16, 2012

What is your customer experience THEME?

As part of ongoing customer experience training and personal development, I'm always on the lookout for a great training conference that I can attend to help develop my skills as a customer service and customer experience leader.

Being on a budget, I'm looking to get the best bang for my buck. The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit is the conference you can't miss!

The Customer Experience THEME

At last year's conference, a stellar group of customer experience leaders trained on the importance of establishing customer experience as a key value of your organization to compete in today's customer experience focused economy. Joe Pine led off the conference giving the state of what customers want today.
The recession isn’t slowing down this progress; instead, it is accelerating the shift to customer experience being what consumers truly want. With limited spending money, people...don’t value “stuff.” They value shared experiences...Soon, experiences will become the predominant economic offering. 
-Joe Pine, Cofounder, Strategic Horizons LLP

How do we create customer experience in a digital marketplace?

Experiences aren’t always done in real time and in a physical place. The key is to be consistent in the delivery of your service theme that your customers receive. Joe outlines how to create a THEME that will guide you as you design an exceptional customer experience.

(T)heme the Customer Experience

  • What thoughts/feelings to you want to evoke from customers? Is your entire team on board? Is your delivery consistent?

(H)armonize Customer Experience

  • Do you connect your company ideals with the needs of customers?

(E)liminate Negative Customer Experience Points

(M)ix Memorabilia in the Customer Experience

  • Do you offer digital swag only your customers can enjoy? It doesn't have to be for everyone, but when you get feedback (good and bad), or an exceptional review or experience with an individual, what can you send to solidify that experience?

(E)voke the Senses in the Customer Experience

  • Think of all of the touch points customers have with you. What does it look like from the customer's point-of-view? Do they feel special? Do they feel like you care? Do they feel special?
Hopefully you get the idea. Thoughts should be coming to mind about your situation and what you can do to make the digital experience better for your customers.

This along with more great customer service training content is waiting for you at The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit this year!

The technology is there to help us create exceptional experiences with our customers in today's digital economy. Our only limitation is our creativity and willingness to focus on the customer. 

It doesn't all need to be done in person. It doesn't require a physical handshake, or a human phone call. 

What do you think? How do you show your customers you care? I'd love to hear what principles guide you to as you work to deliver a quality customer experience.

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