Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your 2014 Customer Experience Strategy Checklist

Customer experience is a huge opportunity for growth today. Organizations who are doing it right are seeing profits soar above those who have not. The key is understanding how to align customer strategy against the other long range goals of driving loyalty alongside new business. 

How you get this done is what your peer groups will be discussing at the upcoming Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit.  This year, TCEL explores the new realities of building brands and relationships in today's socially driven and data abundant world. Discover the emotional drivers that are critical in creating an effective customer story. TCEL shines an important lens on the power of insights and the critical need for marketers to focus on factoring emotion into the bigger equation to get a return on customer relationships. We cover it all at the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit.

April 9-11, 2014
Trump International Beach Resort
Miami, Florida

Download the brochure for more information: http://bit.ly/1idxeUe

Here is Your Customer Experience Strategy Checklist: 

  • Build an Experience Management Core Competency, Experience Engineering Inc.
  • Be a Leader that Inspires Creativity and Innovation, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
  • Change Behavior Towards the Customer Experience, Ferrazzi Greenlight
  • Use VOC to Take Actionable Insights, Asten Johnson
  • Master the Mindset of the Millennial Candidate, Career Builder
  • Use Emotional Energy To Make Your Customer Experience Programs Easier, Faster and Smarter, Brandtrust
  • Put Big Data to Good Use and Optimize The Customer Experience, TNS
  • Bring Empathy into Your Organization, Tarp Worldwide, Sensory Logic
  • Use Employee Recognition Programs to Energize and Strengthen Customer-Centric Organizations, Janet LeBlanc & Associates Inc.
  • Use Empathetic Marketing for Total Customer Experience, Insights Consulting Group
  • Move Brands Faster and Longer in the Social Media Era, Microsoft
  • Build Brand and Loyalty Through Customer Experience, Forrester
  • Incorporate the Rational and the Emotional into the Customer Experience Journey, Bank of Montreal

Visit our website to download the brochure and view the full program:  http://bit.ly/1idxeUe

As a member of our LinkedIn Group, we’d like to offer you a 15% off the standard registration rates, use code TCEL14LI to save. Register today: http://bit.ly/1f1zpvh

We look forward to seeing you in Miami!

The TCEL Team

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