Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Using Emotional Energy to Make Your Customer Experience Programs Easier, Faster and Smarter

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Identifying and designing for your customers' and employees' emotional needs will simplify and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer experience programs.

During the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit in April, Daryl Travis, CEO of Brandtrust, described how to discover and leverage emotional energy to drive better business results.
  • Step 1: Understand how your brand makes your customers feel. Brands are about feelings, not facts. Emotion drives behavior. 95% of decisions are driven by non conscious processing. Forget the "Voice of the Customer," think "Mind of the Customer."
  • Step 2: Focus on the moments that matter most, which are the ones that are most emotional. It's your competitive advantage. Establish an emotional brand purpose. A brand must stand for something important and must be authentic.
  • Step 3: Create and pulse employee energy for delivering peak customer experiences. Ongoing measurement optimizes the energy and the experience for employees and customers rating energy level.
The Cleveland Clinic is an organization that builds trust and credibility through their brand purpose. Here are two videos from the Cleveland Clinic empathy series featuring life-
changing stories with emotional energy that are unforgettable.

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care by Cleveland Clinic

If the video doesn't appear, you can view it at http://youtu.be/cDDWvj_q-o8

Patients: Afraid and Vulnerable

If the video doesn't appear, you can view it at http://youtu.be/1e1JxPCDme4

Some moments in the customer's experience simply matter more than others. The critical part is figuring out what people can't or won't tell you so you can make a difference their lives.

Peggy L. Bieniek, ABC is an Accredited Business Communicator specializing in corporate communication best practices. Connect with Peggy on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and on her website at www.starrybluebrilliance.com.

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