Thursday, July 10, 2014

TMRE is Where You Future is Going

This is the best conference I ever go to." - Emily Pachuta, Head of Investor Insights, UBS Financial Service

In 2013, TMRE hit record breaking attendance uniting more of the world's leading researchers than ever before.  In 2014, TMRE goes above and beyond and becomes a catalyst for disruption, growth and impact beyond measure. TMRE 2014 is jam packed with more stories, experience and value than EVER before.

The Market Research Event 2014
October 20-22, 2014
Boca Raton, Florida
Here's what we're excited about:

·         MORE PROVEN VALUE THAN ANY OTHER EVENT: Unsurpassed in quality of content, caliber of participants and opportunities to make transformative connections
·         SHARPEN YOUR SKILLSETS: Strategic Communications & Consultative Leadership, Storytelling & Data Visualization, Trend & Millennials, Activating Insights
·         REINVIGORATE YOUR TOOLKIT: Consumer Psychology & Behavioral Economics, Big Data & Predictive Analytics, Mobile, Social & Digital Insights, Competitive & Business Intelligence
·         MAXIMIZE YOUR IMPACT: Shopper Insights & Analytics, Brand Engagement & Activation, Insight Driven Innovation, UX & Customer Experience
·         YEAR-LONG NETWORKING: TMRE Connect provides year-long virtual access to the entire TMRE universe enabling you to pass along contacts, schedule follow up meetings and tap into the braintrust that is TMRE long after the conference
·         ACTIONABLE TAKE-AWAYS: The TMRE Executive Summary guarantees you can demonstrate value and actionable take-aways back at work. Return READY to share what you learned with your entire team
·         FIND OUT MORE about our VIP ambassador program, first timer mentor experience, new networking concierge and more exclusive programs that guarantee the most productive experience possible!
·         INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE AT TMRE 2014: No other event in the world delivers such a broad offering of intellectual capital - one rich in story and high in actionable takeaways.

Launched more than 12 years ago as an event focused on online market research, TMRE has grown to be the most comprehensive insights conference in the world and delivers more proven value than any other event of its kind. But please, don't just take our word for it.

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The TMRE Team

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