Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why Your Brand Needs Social Customer Service

Everyday users go online to complain about brands – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest – you name it. Responding to these complaints in real-time reduces the impact of them on your bottom line.

These days, customers aren’t calling your 800 number. Instead, they are getting on Facebook and complaining about you or sending a Tweet about your lousy service. Social customer service is a very different ball game with unique practices, plans and a different timeline. You’d better be listening for online complaints and be ready to respond in real-time or face potentially negative profits.

Social customer service emerged because organic online conversations require an immediate response. When a customer complains about you on Facebook or Twitter, you’d better be listening and respond within a short window or poor attitudes about your brand escalate. Social customer service connects your customers with people, both inside and outside of your organization, and with the information they need to solve problems and make better decisions. Not to mention, your customers expect it.

Check out this infographic, which highlights the key reasons your business needs social customer service:

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