Monday, August 11, 2008

Becoming more customer centric

In a recent blog post at Customer Think, William Brand takes a look at how to become a more customer centric company. He’s set out four steps that will help companies begin to become customer centric.

1. Evaluate – Look to define and understand what you want to be changed to become a more customer-based company. Know why you want these things changed and what the forces are those are pushing you to become a more customer centric company.

2. Design – You need to plan out the steps necessary to develop a vision. Take what you have now, and what you wish to have, then fill in the gaps in between and determine your strategy from there.

3. Activate – Find quick success, give support and reinforce your commitment to becoming a customer centric organization and finally align all organizational systems.

4. Measure – Take the time to measure what you’ve done and determine if you are a customer centric organization. To do this, measure and track the effectiveness and efficiency of your new customer centric model. Also, reach out to customers and find out if their viewpoints have changed.

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