Thursday, August 28, 2008

Make Your Customer Buy From You More Often

Two similar stores have the same products for the same price, yet customers seem to buy again and again from only one. What makes customers go back to purchase more? The answer is good customer service. I came across this list of 5 keys to customer service to keep your customers happy on the RightToLead blog.

1. Be courteous. This is something that is largely dismissed nowadays. A little act of politeness will make customers feel more valued and important. Make them feel that you are sincere in extending a helping hand. A frown can drive people away, while a smile can draw more people in. Address your customer with “Ma’am” or “Sir”. Deal with one customer at a time to make him feel that he has your complete attention.

2. Be resourceful. Customers become angry when you tell them that you cannot grant their request because “It’s the company’s standard policy.” Customers do not want to hear such an excuse.

If you want more happy customers, think creatively. There are legal ways to go around your company’s ironclad policies. Make it a policy to extend service beyond the standard procedures in order to satisfy a customer’s needs.

3. Be prompt. Never put any of your customer’s requests on hold, especially when it is obviously urgent. Prompt and accurate service may lead to referrals. Hence, empower your staff members so they can make quick decisions and attend promptly to the needs of your customers.

4. Under promise and over deliver. Refrain from giving false promises. Never promise what you cannot deliver. It is still best to under promise and over deliver. This is the best way to wow your customers!

5. Extend your service. Even if it is not part of your standard service procedures, do something for the customer that shows genuine interest to their needs.

Create a desirable reputation for your company by providing quality customer service. After all happy customers are repeat customers.

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