Friday, August 22, 2008

Make connections faster

In a recent blog post by NACCM keynote speaker Keith Ferrazzi, he gives four tips on how to make connections with people faster. He’s collected them from a few of the books he has been reading lately.

- Talk in color. When speaking with them, engage their imagination. Find some way to involved their senses in your conversation.
- Look people in the eye. He points out this is an old trick, but start by noticing the colors of actors eyes on TV. Then start doing this in real life too.
- Put something interesting on your business card. Make yourself stand out, a good place to do this is on your business card.
- Host a weekly “know how” series. Hosting a weekly series will begin to foster creativity and innovation throughout your organization. This will also help you stand out, because you are the person organizing the events.

We’re excited to have Keith Ferrazzi on one of our upcoming NACCM Customers 1st web seminars. Check out his speaker profile here. Look for news next week on this web seminar session where Keith will be answering questions on building relationships from the audience. Do you have anything you’d like to ask Keith?

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