Thursday, August 7, 2008

Customer Experience Management

Bruce Temkin asks in this blog post, “What the Heck is Customer Experience?” He goes on to provide three key points that he feels is part of Customer Experience Management:

- Discipline. CEM is not about creating slogans like “this is the year of the customer.” It needs to be a set of ongoing activities like a well-established voice of the customer program.

- Increasing loyalty. CEM is not about an altruistic belief that customers should be treated better. It needs to be linked to more profitable (or strategically improved) long-term behaviors of customers.

- Customers’ needs and expectations. CEM is not about technology deployments or internal milestones. It needs to be calibrated from the perspective of target customers.

It is important to reflect on CEM, and what it means to your organization. After reviewing his list is there anything that you would add or change?

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