Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dish Network Disses Own Service; Stock Soars

Ideally, companies should tout how much better their customer service is over the competition; however, that wasn't the case with The Dish Network. According to TheStreet.com, here's what Dish had to say in its self-evaluation: "We have not always met our own standards for performing high-quality installations, effectively resolving customer issues when they arise, answering customer calls in an acceptable timeframe, effectively communicating with our subscriber base, reducing calls driven by the complexity of our business, improving the reliability of certain systems and subscriber equipment and aligning the interests of certain third-party retailers and installers to provide high quality service."

With the news of The Dish Network's self depreciation, their stocks soared.

What theories do you have on how this may affect their customer service moving forward?

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Randi Busse said...

Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step in resolving it. By naming the elephant in the room, Dish Network is saying out loud what their customers are thinking. It's always better to say something negative about yourself before someone else does. It's like when you announce to the world that you are going on a diet. You can't go around eating ice cream and chocolate and not have people looking at you funny. The expectation now is that they will address their problem and improve their service. Only time will tell.

Randi Busse
Customer Retention Specialist
Workforce Development Group, Inc.