Thursday, May 21, 2009

Customer service in the airport

At the Jaunted Blog, they recently posted about superior customer service from the airline industry. A rarity in today's day and age, Omri tells about how by circumstance, he missed his flight. After dealing with the front desk and receiving less than satisfactory results when it came to getting on another flight, they entered the terminal, and the United Customer Service professionals exceeded their expectations.

At this point we were desperate and - figuring that the already-mentioned vodka would wash away any latent distaste from begging - decided to try our luck. What happened next was surreal: the woman who helped us turned out to be
cheerful, competent, and helpful. In an airport, of all places.

She managed to confirm us on a flight that left before 10am. She managed to charge us half of the ostensibly mandatory $150 fee. And she managed to do it all in under five minutes. And then as we were leaving, she even asked if we still wanted to wait standby on the next flight.

The end of the article points out that if a customer find the right people to help you with their customer service needs, they will receive the service they are looking for. Now the question is, are you providing enough of these people for your customers?

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