Monday, May 4, 2009

How do you find new customers?

At Daily News, they recently took at look at how a business can keep bringing new customers in your door. Even though the list is meant for small businesses, everyone can profit from a few of the suggestions.
  1. Develop a plan
  2. Realize there is no one path to success
  3. Work your local media
  4. Infiltrate events
  5. Followup
  6. Give a little to get a lot
  7. Work your personal network
  8. Check out the competition
  9. Use multiple ads
  10. Ask for feedback
What have you seen work the best for you from the list above?

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Randi Busse said...

Here's another suggestion on how find new customers:

Ask your current customers for referrals! Since they're already doing business with you (and we assume they are happy about it), why not ask them who they know that would benefit from your products and services?

We know that people like to talk, and they're going to talk about good experiences and bad experiences. Imagine if we took such good care of our customers that they simply had to tell everyone they know about it!

Prospective customers will then be coming to you, instead of you having to go out and look for them.

Randi Busse
Workforce Development Group, Inc.
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