Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Exactly Does a Customer Want From Customer Service?

I came across this article in MSN in which Barbara Findlay Schenck lists a couple of straight answers of what customers expect from customer service. Here's the list below.

1. To be greeted promptly — whether in person, on the phone or via a quick-loading Web site.
2. To have concerns addressed with sensitivity and efficiency — with eye contact if the exchange is person-to-person.
3. Clear communication from people who know what they’re talking about.
4. Individualized solutions rather than cookie-cutter responses that apply to one and all regardless of unique needs or circumstances.

Seems like a simple guideline to follow, customers need to feel appreciated and valued. What are some other aspects of customer service that customers expect to get each and every time?

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Reed Hedges said...

I would add that the business or organization be truly prepared to help the customer. For instance, I shouldn't have to educate the CS rep about the details of my specific product or service plan; they should know from my account, or the serial number or model name or whatever I provide. I certainly shouldn't have to go through three levels of transfers, giving all my details each time, as seems to be all too common with things like utility companies!