Monday, October 26, 2009

7 Tips to Improving Customer Service

I came across this post on that highlights 7 tips for offering "better" customer service. Every company plans on offering better customer service but it's time to actually buckle down and go through with it. Here are the 7 tips the post includes:

1. Offer online chat - customers want to be able to chat immediately especially if they are having a technical glitch or problem

2. Use Twitter - Comcast and Southwest Airlines are just a few examples of great companies that are being proactive and not reactive to customer complaints by using twitter

3. Have a FAQ section - this can reduce a lot of calls to customer service by simply having a webpage with dedicated answers

4. Include a search function - make your website more friendly by allowing consumers to search for specifics

5. Post contact info on every page - don't make it difficult for customers to get in contact with you

6. Increase response time to emails - make sure to answer all emails at least within 24 hours

7. Ask how you can improve customer service - constantly ask what are more ways to improve your service

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