Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Improve Customer Service -- Or Else

Ed Wallace of CIO.com writes that Baby boomers aren't just reducing their debt and watching their spending, they are also re-evaluating the types of products they would buy in the future -- everything from luxury cars to their homes. Wallace warns, "Attention CEOs: Now, more than ever you can't afford to let sloppiness, misinformation, or poor service cost you any more customers."

Wallace continues, because it is becoming harder than ever to separate customers from their dollars, customer care and the buying experience are more important than ever. The problem is that, at least if my experiences this year are anything to go by, that experience is so unrewarding that I, and many other consumers, may keep right on sitting on our wallets.

How are you serving your baby boomer customer base? Have you made any changes to your customer service strategy in order to retain and earn new customers within this demographic?

Warning: Improve Customer Service -- Or Else

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