Friday, August 6, 2010

PetSmart Turns Customer Feedback into Actionable Results

Join Michelle Wildman, Director, Customer Engagement & Operational Excellence, PetSmart for her presentation, "When We Listen to Customers, We All Win: PetSmart Turns Customer Feedback into Actionable Insights" on October 26th at 11:40am. This presentation is part of Track 3: "The Customer is Always Right" at NACCM 2010.

About the presentation:

In order to truly drive your business and compete on more than just price and convenience, it's critical to understand what your customer expects (and is not getting), how your company can differentiate itself and what that means through every touch point with your brand. If you master this, your customer will reward you. Learn how PetSmart gathers customer data and turns that information into actionable insights that lead business decisions. From the branding you see on television to the in-store experience and the tailored offers and communication customers receive through our loyalty program, the most important person we consider is the customer. If she's happy and her pet is happy, then we're really happy.

Learn more about the presentations at NACCM 2010.

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