Friday, March 30, 2012

Idea Gathering: Customer Experience News: Are You Listening?

The Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit provides both B2B and B2C case studies and translating these innovations and insights is a huge part of the value of the conference. Our unique idea gathering wrap-ups between sessions facilitate this translation and were one of our most highly rated features last year.

Here on the blog we're doing a regular series of idea gathering wrap ups, pulling together some of our favorite stories on customer experience, customer experience design, and overall customer-centricity. Share with us in the comments to add your thoughts!

This week, we're looking at listening. Do you know when to listen to customers? Fast Company presented the short video below with CEO of RedStamp Erin Newkirk focusing on the issue.
Many brands are now using Social Media for listening to customers and on that note 1to1media presented "3 Ways That Social Engagement Breeds Customer Loyalty." One example they used is of creating an online community for listening to customer ideas:
"To keep the pressing competition at bay, TurboTax decided in 2004 to launch Inner Circle, an online community and idea exchange, as a way of listening to the company's most loyal customers and to implement their ideas. Through careful monitoring and continuous engagement, the crowdsourcing community has grown to 20,000 members dedicated to finding ways to improve TurboTax's products, and is now the feedback destination where customers come to share ideas and to ask questions."

In an article in Training magazine, Nick Lane, Director, Strategy and Planning, Everything Everywhere wrote of listening to customer feedback on an agent to agent level to improve customer experiences and "Inspire Brilliance".

Lastly, we came across this great interview with Dunkin Brands' CMO John Costello in Forbes where he states on making Dunkin beloved:
"It goes back to basic understanding of the consumer, to listening very hard to their needs and wants."
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