Thursday, November 6, 2008

All Customer Feedback is Not Created Equal

This morning I came across this post on the Call Center Café in which Curtis Bingham explains that customer service representatives must carefully analyze and rank the customer according to value prior to doing too much to satisfy them. Here are 3 things that Curtis recommends companies doing to protect the best customers and profits:
  1. Prioritize customers according to value
  2. Tier the service offering
  3. Address disgruntled customers according to their priority and service tier
Make sure to use your CRM system to rank your customers according to value; sometimes it’s better off if you send your customers home packing if they are causing too much trouble and money. Secondly, tier the service offering to reflect 2 different segments, the low-price segment and the high-value segment. If the customer is a low priority than do enough not to tarnish the company’s good reputation, but if the customer is a high priority then do everything you can to resolve the customer’s complaint and keep their loyalty.

Do you agree with these methods?

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