Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Customer Service Beyond the Traditional Marketplace

There are many traditional marketplaces that have a “take it or leave it attitude”, like take for example your local library, government agencies, and even health care. Tom Vander recently posted about his wife’s horrid experience at the hospital when the doctor ignored her pain and told her that it could be almost anything.

Later that night, Tom browsed their website and sent a disgruntled email to the patient representative detailing their bad experience at the hospital. The following morning they received a call from the representative and she apologized for their bad experience and told them that she would take the necessary steps to address the situation. The doctor ended up calling later that afternoon to personally apologize and agreed on a followup to address the discomfort she was having.

This is an example of how customer service should not just be a concern to those businesses that are selling goods to the marketplace. Ideally, any business or organization that has human interaction must apply some sort of principle customer service basics in their day to day endeavors.

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