Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Banks using Twitter to develop relationships?

According to the MinnPost, some banks have turned to Twitter to help customer service. It points to this article at the USA Today which states that WellsFargo (Ask_WellsFargo) and Bank of America are just two of the banks jumping on the social media bandwagon to have better relationships with their customers.

Banking and social media may be a touchy subject. Although the banks are looking to develop a closer relationship with the customers, are mediums like Twitter the way to do it? What do you think?

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Penny said...

Personally it creeps me out that Wells Fargo would want to be my friend. I "do" Twitter, and when I "do" Twitter I am communicating with my "friends". Even though I have a Safe Deposit Box at BofA and a BofA credit card, and a checking account, savings account, and an IRA at Wells Fargo, they will never be my "friends." Yuck. They're exploiting Twitter. What's next - Facebook? Gross. I'm on Twitter!