Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Evolution of Self-Service at Continental Airlines: Customer, UNinterrupted Spotlight

Jared Miller, Managing
Director, Self-Service & Emerging Technology

Join us for the presentation "Enhancing the Customer Experience through Seamless Self-Service Interactions: Evolution of Self-Service at Continental Airlines" with Jared Miller, Continental Airlines' Managing Director, Self-Service & Emerging Technology on Monday, October 25th at 1:4opm. This presentation is part of Customer, UNinterrputed where you will learn to develop a consistent strategy for delivery seamless service interactions across multiple channels, with a focus on self-service, online experience, and technology.

Customer, UNinterrupted

October 25, 2010
Walt Disney World Dolphin
Orlando, FL

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About the presentation:
Having provided self-service options to customer for 15 years, Continental Airlines and its customers have embraced self-service technologies and processes. This session will give an overview of the evolution of self-service at Continental Airlines with specific emphasis on the multi-channel approach adopted in the past few years. In particular, the session will explore the many ways in which the various channels work together to provide a seamless experience to the customer while recognizing the unique strengths of each channel.

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