Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When should extra charges be discussed with the customer?

When dealing with extra charges that may be unexpected to the customer or client, when is the best time to disclose them? Who's Your Gladys invited Rebecca Morgan to tell their readers and we'd like to share it with our Customer 1st readers as well. Morgan shares a personal story of being charged extra when she visited her doctor's office. After being miffed at the extra charges, Morgan decided to find out how customer service professionals can avoid angering their customers while still making extra charges. She writes, that common sense says that any unexpected charges should be discussed before the service is provided or the product delivered. Morgan's bottom line? If the customer is upset by the increased bill, they will be unhappy, not only with the rep but with your organization for not making sure that discussing increased charges is a standard before the service or product is provided.

We encourage you to read the post, Guest Blogger Rebecca Morgan Asks, “When Should Extra Charges Be Disclosed?” in it's entirety and share with your team.

Let us know - have you dealt with this issue in your work?

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