Thursday, January 8, 2009

FreshDirect caters to customers wants

FreshDirect knows it has to keep up with its customers in this economy. As the largest online grocer in New York, they must keep up with the fast paced consumer base. So after a summer spent doing market research, they've now changed a few of their business practices and seen it pay off with larger orders and more repeat customers.

They've initiated a new system that can tell their consumers how fresh their produce is. Since customers ordering food online can't judge the freshness of the vegetables and fruit, a new five star system allows customers to see the quality of the next days produce as judged by the managers at FreshDirect. They've also changed their packaging, eliminating Styrofoam containers for 50% of their orders, and better packing their cardboard boxes so that a box doesn't arrive with just one or two items. They've also opened up more delivery slots for most popular time slots such as Saturdays.

Fresh Direct has made it a point to focus on the needs of their customers. Have you made changes recently that your customers have responded to? What were they?

Source: Internet Retailer

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