Friday, April 24, 2009

Cloud Computing and Customer Service

According to James Urquhart of CNET, cloud computing and customer service go hand in hand, for instance he feels:

In my mind's eye, it should be simple for the average Joe to:

  • collect data when a problem occurs
  • report the problem with a click of a button
  • have a "self-service" case created with fields where customers can track the progress they are making against issue resolution--and which can be "mined" by the vendor's support organization to discover trending bugs, etc.
  • search documentation for workarounds or solutions without having to jump through hoops
  • have the option to jump to a chat session or forum where he or she might get some help
  • have the option to select a one-time premium support option if a case warrants it

Has your organization implemented cloud computing for customer service? What benefits do you see with adding cloud computing to your existing customer service architecture?

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