Friday, April 17, 2009

Delta shifting away from call centers in India

Yesterday, we posted this podcast which looked at why customers are often treated badly. One company is starting to listen to their customers. According to Bloomberg, Delta has begun to shift their call centers out of India at request of their customers. They've moved these call center jobs back to the US.

Do you think the shift of call center jobs back to the United States is inevitable? Will American customers become more loyal if they reach someone on the other end of the phone from America?

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Unknown said...

Hi! i work for VERIZON in INDIA. as i have gone through the post i just want to tell that people should change the perception of looking into this outsourcing. every company wants to get the profit and wanted to be no. 1 by hook or crook. so most of the US companies are sending the job to INDIA as there r getting profit by good customer service(happy customers) and by saving money(cheap labour). i take daily around 50 calls per day and out of 50 around 45 are satisfied with my service.. and they knew that call has been routed to INDIA so its all abt perception and attitude which human can make. thanks