Friday, April 3, 2009

Comcast, Twitter, and Customer Service

There has been quite a bit of buzz about how Comcast is reaching out and providing service for those customers who tweet about their problems with Comcast's services. However, and interesting article at The Industry Standard about how the program is still taking off, and some customer service reps aren't even aware there is a division of representatives that are contacting customers via Twitter.

"I spoke to an...employee who berated me for not contacting them sooner. I explained that I had done so, most recently via Twitter and that's when everything got bizarre," John told The Industry Standard. "He said he had never heard of it...I pointed out that I've gone through the cycle of reporting it...but because I had used Twitter...he indicated that they didn't really count!"

How would you take care of this problem in your company?

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Eric Jacques said...


Organisations make this mistake often. Any plan to improve customer service must include a communications plan and it has to be done in a way that is focused, repeated, regular and long-term.

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