Thursday, April 23, 2009

Delighting your customers

We recently posted that Dell's number one goal is to delight their customers. Today I came across a post in the Good Customer Service Blog that that emphasizes that same ideal - to surprise and delight your customers! Here's a clip from that post that gives a lesson on how to surprise and delight. Enjoy!

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Penny said...

Hi there, thanks for mentioning my post from the Good Customer Service Blog! I think that if we consider how customers "feel" about their experiences with our products and services, we can think of ways to "surprise and delight" them in small, but significant ways. Word of mouth is the royal currency of good customer service. When you remember the basics - that customers talk about their experiences, you'll remember that you need to give them something to talk about! Much better they talk about winning the business card free lunch drawing than talk about your dirty restroom! So - my motto for good customer service - it doesn't cost anything to sweep the floor and smile and say hello!
Enjoy your customers, and they will return.
Excellent Customer Service