Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Grocery Store Loyalty Card: Providing you with information

We’ve seen common every day foods cause people to get sick. We saw this with tomatoes last month, and recently, Nebraska Beef had to recall their beef products. Kroger chose to voluntarily recall beef throughout 20 states due to the fear the beef had been contaminated by e. coli. Read about it here at CBS News. Since Kroger uses a customer card that tracks purchases, they were able to personally call everyone that had bought the beef using a Kroger card.

At Customers Think, Randy Saunders posted about how his neighbor personally received a call. She was cooking dinner, and received a phone call from Kroger that said she should not eat the beef she purchased because she had used a card when buying her groceries.

Although the initial purpose of the Kroger Loyalty Card is to track purchase spending habits of their customers, they’ve also invested their money in something that can prove beneficial to their customers.

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