Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Improving Contact Centers for Improved Customer Service

One of our media partners for our NACCM Customers 1st event, 1 to 1 Media, discussed the relationship between call centers and customer service on this post from their blog today. These are some of the points that the author noted after discussing ways to achieve success with individuals who worked there.

- Managers want to use e-learning modules for training, but are torn about taking agents off the phones to train.

- There’s a need for bilingual capabilities, but confusion about how to implement them.

- Getting all departments in the enterprise, from R&D to marketing, to give all necessary information to the contact center for agent training purposes.

- Department heads and executives need to spend more time in the contact center listening and learning.

- Some contact centers are partnering agent training with recruiting.

- Daycare workers (college educated moms) and retirees are becoming the hot new workforce in contact centers.

- Agents are getting coached about how to hear and manage a lifecycle change on a customer call.

In summary, many of these points highlight on the need for improved training, and the importance of integrating the departments in a more cohesive manner. This is imperative for employees at these call centers, since they are often times the main point of contact for consumers.

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Frances said...

An improved workforce management would definitely be one of the most important steps to improve the performance of contact centers.