Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Plane Simple

We’d like to introduce you to our newest guest contributor, Joanna Brandi. She’ll be co-posting with the Customers 1st blog. Here is her most recent post from her Customer Care Goddess blog.

I’m headed for the airport. Again. I can’t say I love travel, but like many, I make the best of it. On the trip home from Indiana last week I was stuck – literally – in the window seat between a very large (and angry) man next to me and the one in front of me who reclined himself into my lap. I guess when Delta put in those few extra rows (and took away leg room) they forgot to change the pitch of the reclining seat. Oh the joy of travel! I thought I might have a glass of wine to celebrate the success of the workshop I’d just delivered, but I was pinned in so tightly I couldn’t get my arm to the floor to reach my purse. Cranberry juice please!

The man next to me vibed negativity. My guess he was mad because he was stuck in the middle and spread his unhappiness whether he opened his mouth or not.

The flight attendant wasn’t too pleasant and that made it worse, but what came first?

When he called her “toots” I chose to close my eyes and visualize how beautiful the beach would be at sunrise the next day. Breathe deeply.

I didn’t realize until I got off the plane that despite my best efforts, I’d been holding my breath. Getting off the plane never felt so good.

When stuck in situations like that I do think people should make every effort to be as pleasant as possible. No one likes flying any more, why make it worse?

The plane ride home was on my mind when I wrote my tip yesterday – rather than “how to” give great service I offer tips on how to get great service. We all need to practice what we teach. Take a look at my Customer Care Tip here

If you’d like to see more of Joanna Brandi’s blogs, visit JoAnna Brandi’s Blogs. You can also find out more by visiting her Customer Care Coach website. Joanna Brandi will be a keynote speaker at this year’s North American Conference on Customer Management, and has already been profiled on our Customer 1st blog. Stay tuned for her posts on the Customers 1st blog!

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